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May 2011 Permaculture Design Certification in Haiti

Permuculture Design Certification Course- HAITI

CERTIFICATION COURSE: (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) MAY 1st – MAY 14th 2011 (register here)

HELPING HANDS PRACTICUM: (La Gonave, Haiti) May 16th – May 20th 2011 (register here)

Join Larry Santoyo and Hunter Heaivilin in HAITI for a chance to become a certified permaculturist while creating history!


Tuition includes:

  • All Coursework & Materials
  • Camping Accommodations- BRING A TENT
  • 3 Meals per Day
  • All Transportation to/from airport & to/from field trip sites
  • Sponsors One Haitian Student to Become Certified

These funds cover program costs to exist in Haiti and are therefore tax-deductible.

Please note that this tuition does not include airfare. We can put you in touch with a recommended travel agent if you email us at: haitipdc@loveandhaitiproject.org. Airfare directly into PAP can cost as low as $360 RT and as high as $800 RT for reference. Relief workers in Haiti will receive a discount. Please email for details.

This training includes the most inspiring examples of sustainable land use and human ingenuity from around the world:

  • Composting
  • Food Forests
  • Mycology
  • Eco-village Design
  • Natural Pattern Understanding
  • Human Nutrient Cycle
  • Botany & Ecology
  • Water Systems

A day-to-day course outline will be available shortly to download.

Who Should Take This Course

The Permaculture Design Course has truly transformed the lives and enhanced the careers of thousands of people around the world, including architects, landscapers, community developers, social workers, city planners, teachers, students, farmers, gardeners, homeowners, business owners and others. For anyone serious about creating a sustainable society!


The A to Z of Sustainability! A more fun or informative course would be hard to find. Our text book, Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual, by Bill Mollison, was once reviewed by Whole Earth saying “If information had density… this book would be a black hole!..”

In addition to the developing country experience, the “hands-on learning” focus of the course will be the Design Team Exercises. As we arrive at the different parts of the curriculum, we’ll learn how, when and where to apply those principles and techniques and, become able to include those recommendations in the final design project presentations.

As one of our recent design course graduates said about her course experience,

” It’s the relationship that we build with each other and with nature that will get us through anything. ”

For those looking to get more experience in Observation Skills, Natural Building, Sustainable Landscape Construction, Art in the Garden & more, additional hands-on workparties will be scheduled outside of the course.

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Days 1-4 (May 1st-May 4th)
Fire, Water, Earth & Air…
Introduction to Permaculture
and Natural Pattern Understanding.

Days 6-9 (May 6th – May 9th)
Food, Water, Shelter & Energy…
Designing & Building
the Complete Home Ecosystem.

Days 11-14 (May 11th-14th)
Community & Green Business…
EcoVillage Design and Community Celebration.

Days 15-20 (May 16th-May20th)
Come with us to an actual site in La Gonave, Haiti


Larry Santoyo is among the most experienced Permaculture Designers and Educators in the US and has taught environmental design at colleges and universities nationwide including UC Berkeley and California State PolyTechnic University. First mentored by Bill Mollison in the mid 80′s, Larry went on to teach design courses with Mollison till the mid 90′s in the US and in Australia.

Raised in the Hawaiian Islands, Hunter Heaivilin completed his first PDC with Steve Read of L’Universite Populair de Permaculture in south France, and holds a degree in Tropical Forest Ecosystem and Agroforestry Management. His work in Permacuture has led him to consulting and teaching with sustainable community development projects on Oahu, Molokai, Hawaii, Peru and Haiti.


See dates above… Daily 9:30am to 5:30pm -with every 5th day off (for research and relaxation)


Requirements include:

  • Full Attendance
  • Design Team Exercises & Final Presentation
  • Participation in the Talent Show
  • All Payment Agreements met in full…

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